SYNCSENSE® is an award-winning digital exercise device that transforms boring exercise equipment into meaningful nature experiences, making exercise fun and motivating for the elderly and people with disabilities. The VR solution is an evidence-based tool for hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, used by therapists and caregiving staff to support care and rehabilitation efforts in a new and smart way.

The purpose is to reduce institution- and hospital-acquired complications due to prolonged physical inactivity and immobilization. 

Nature and birdsong in VR increase motivation for training and have a calming effect, not only for the elderly or the frail, but also for top trained astronauts like Andreas Mogensen (more info: impact).

Unfortunately, many elderly and people with disabilities are cut off from 'going on adventures' for various reasons. They are often very physically inactive and socially isolated. This could be due to a lack of mobility, strength - or maybe because they are hospitalized with a serious illness.

With lifelike virtual adventures in nature, our VR solution breathes new life into boring and underutilized exercise equipment. The VR solution increases motivation to exercise, improves exercise retention, and can facilitate self-training. We have also seen examples where the VR solution can reduce outwardly aggressive behavior and regulate arousal levels. These effects collectively contribute to increased enjoyment of exercise and quality of life for a very vulnerable and overlooked group.

Increases Quality of Life

Frees up Staff Resources
and Saves Money

Motivation Increases
Physical Activity Level

Exercise and Nature Shorten Hospitalization Time


Customers train their patients and citizens daily with VR.


Healthcare professionals are thoroughly trained in the VR solution.


VR training sessions have been completed by patients and citizens.

We have grown to be the largest VR digital training technology to support training with motivating and meaningful natural experiences within the Danish healthcare system and likely also in Europe.

With our patented VR solution, we are the only ones in the world combining exercise equipment (such as for balance training, walking function, elliptical trainers, and bikes) with VR, which is easy and simple for healthcare professionals to use. The VR solution is designed to support care and rehabilitation efforts in a new and smart way for people whose health is seriously deteriorated as a consequence of physical inactivity and social isolation.

Today, thousands of patients and citizens have the opportunity to exercise in VR and go on virtual nature experiences while they are admitted to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, temporary rehabilitation spots, nursing homes, residential facilities, and neurorehabilitation centers.

Our mission is to develop VR supported digital therapeutics and offer it to the healthcare system for the prevention and treatment of institution- and hospital-acquired complications due to prolonged physical inactivity and immobilization. We want to make it possible to bring motivating exercise - meaningful and healing nature to people who are cut off due to illness. Thereby, we will contribute to creating the best possible everyday life for the society's most weakened and inactive elderly and people with disabilities as well as for their families and healthcare professionals.

Our vision is to promote physical activity and nature in the healthcare sector and bring it to the people who need it most. With our humble contribution, we want to help solve the individual as well as the global health problems attributable to physical inactivity.

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We are proud to collaborate with several world-leading partners who support our vision. See them all HERE.


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