Currently, we only provide our VR solution in Denmark. We are looking for strong collaborators in Europe and USA for market expansion

SYNCSENSE® is a life-enhancing digital exercise device for physical and cognitive VR exercise of society's most debilitated and inactive elderly and people with disabilities. The VR solution is a new tool that therapists and nursing staff can use to make exercise fun and motivating - and promotes physical, cognitive and social activity. Today, thousands of patients and citizens have the opportunity to VR exercise and access virtual nature experiences while they are admitted to hospital, rehabilitation centers, care centers and residential and neurorehabilitation centers.

The VR solution is a new tool that creates value for therapists and nursing staff - both the hospital / municipality as a whole. Designed as an intervention against physical inactivity and social isolation.

Sensory-stimulating and socially engaging VR exercise is a meaningful and motivating experience that helps the elderly and people living with disabilities to become more self-reliant. It also has a positive effect on mood, health and quality of life. Our VR solution revitalizes and improves the user experience of existing "boring" exercise equipment without expensive and time-consuming conversion. It is a simple and easy-to-operate intervention that makes training fun and motivating. At the same time, VR exercise supports healthcare professionals in solving their core tasks in an easier and smarter way, so that the resources can be used where they are most needed.

We have grown to be the largest VR platform for physical and cognitive training within the healthcare system in Denmark and possibly even Europe. As the only ones in the world-

we combine training equipment (e.g. for training balance, gait, elliptical trainers and bicycles) with sensory-stimulating and socially engaging VR, which is easy and simple to use by healthcare professionals. The VR solution is designed to support care and rehabilitation efforts in a new and smart way for people whose health deteriorates severely as a result of physical inactivity and social isolation.

Our ambition is to develop the world's best evidence-based VR therapy for the prevention and treatment of diseases related to physical inactivity and old age. Through this, we will create a better everyday life for society's most weakened and inactive elderly and people with disabilities, both for their families and health professionals.


Partners VR-train their patients and citizens each day


Healthcare professionals are thoroughly trained in the VR solution.


VR training sessions have been conducted by patients and citizens.
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