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We specialize in developing software and re-engineering technology to make in-patients and elderly citizens healthier through ​the use of virtual reality.​

We combine R&D expertise with a data-driven approach to technology design. We strive to combine machine learning with ethnography to make the next generation of digital therapeutics targeting physical inactivity and clinical boredom.

Our aim is to enhance healthy aging by shortening the days of hospitalization, prevent re-hospitalization and delay the onset of age- and inactivity-related diseases.


"It doesn't matter if your are admitted in hospital or at home, I think virtual reality could increase my motivation to exercise"

"My body temperature rose, and my heart rate increased during the VR exercise cycling. It's at least as good an exercise as walking back and forth in the corridor and up and down the stairs with the clinician - but in virtual reality it was more motivating and exciting!"

"This VR solution combines low-impact cardio-vascular exercise and sensory stimulation, which improves mobility, autonomy and social interactivity"

"I think it's really smart that you can get patients to think that they are walking when they are actually cycling. This may be a factor in motivating them to exercise and get them home earlier"


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