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What we do

We stimulate and empower elderly in-patients to exercise mentally as well as physically through the use of virtual reality.

Our medical software platform supports the treatment of in-patients and elderly citizens who have diseases that hinder their physical and social activity level. By revitalizing existing technologies through personalized virtual environments - we provide a solution that stimulates and empower patients to exercise.  

We combine R&D expertise with a data-driven approach to technology design. We strive to combine machine learning with ethnography to create engaging and effective digital XR health solutions.

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What we have learned

As we develop our platform we are constantly seeking to validate every update. Thanks to having a living lab in a hospital we can test all updates directly on the target user, here is what we see:


I do Not at all* feel nauseous or dizzy after the experience 


Found the experience highly* entertaining and stimulating

To a High* degree had an experience of being outside the hospital

*Data represents the outcome of a study conducted on 45 patients over a 4 month period at Gentofte hospital, 2019. Patients are given questionnaires following their workshop with us, options are Not at all - Slightly -Somewhat - Highly - Very highly. 

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