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We develop the next generation of virtual reality therapeutics that enable caregivers to deliver personalized treatment and empower patients to take control over their age- and inactivity-related diseases. We combine R&D expertise with a human-centered approach to technology design.

Our mission is to develop digital health products that bring research, care, and technology together with the ultimate goal of helping the elderly live longer and better lives.


“MoVR makes rehabilitation faster in a smart way, it combines physical and cognitive activity in one exercise”

“MoVR has made me more efficient, it makes this boring exercise equipment more motivating and fun for the patient”

"I think it's really smart that you can get patients to think that they are walking when they are actually cycling. This may be a factor in motivating them to exercise and get them home earlier"

“These goggles made it funner to exercise than my regular scheduled rehabilitation, and I was suprised by the pain relief”


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