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Our Story

We are an R&D company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop a software platform to support the treatment of in-patients and elderly citizens who have ailments that hinder their physical and social activity level. By revitalizing existing technologies through personalized virtual environments, we stimulate and empower users to exercise. Specifically, we use the capabilities of VR to synchronize the sense of embodiment across the realities. Our software platform consists of a VR app that lets users take action on their physical and social activity level from where they are and a clinical web+app platform that uses performance data and patient-reported data to provide excellent patient-centered care. We use the health data for tracking progression as well as for research, quality improvement, clinician performance evaluation and economic evaluation. Our aim is to ensure healthy aging and well-being for everyone, everywhere! SYNCSENSE was founded in 2018 as a spin-out from a research startup in health informatics between the University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark. Originally, we spring out from the HealthTech incubator, SUND Hub which is a part of UCPH Innovation Hubs (see www.sundhub.ku.dk/teams/medcarevr/).

How we work

We bring together a unique set of competences tailored to build innovation between the intersection of healthcare and digital technology. We work from a lean startup approach which is anchored in a collaborative feedback loop split into three equally important portions, build, test and learn. It entails an iterative and agile software engineering process with short sprints and a rapid introduction of new or re-designed prototype features. It serves as an ongoing mutual learning cycle. The essentials of the innovation process are:


Exploring problems and needs through ethnographic field work.


Designing with the users rather than for the users.


Agile software engineering for quick re-design and iterations in our VR lab.


Prototyping with patients and clinicians to create or re-design features.

Data analytics

Helping clinicians track progression and regulate training.
  • When you have been lying here for such a long time and experienced the same thing every day, you get tired in the head. So trying Virtual Reality gave me new experiences and my brain got activated in a different way. Feels like I became happier and I got my lust for life back again.
    Sven Margolis
    Patient, 73 years
  • That was an amazing experience, to come out and feel nature and away from this prison-cell where I have been lying for almost 2 weeks. It was like being there in person - what a great feeling. may I try the future goggles again?
    Anni Bjerlov
    Patient, 89 years
  • I think Virtual Reality experiences are really good for the patients because we already know that nature gives patients benefits and most patients are already happier when their rooms are decorated with flowers or if they have a good view to nature through their windows. It's fantastic that nature and social events can come to the patients, now that they can't physically get to them.
    Clinician, 47 years
  • I think the walk with a dog in the forest is a really good experience for the patients as many of them would be doing exactly that if they weren't locked in here. The Virtual Reality experience is really cool and it's interesting that you can orient yourself to really have a sense of being in nature. I'm very curious to experience more.
    Clinician, 55 years

About us

We wish to bring focus to habilitation within the bounds of hospitals by bringing virtual reality to a more prominent position as a healthcare tool. A tool which can be used not only to entertain, but also activate and engage patients physically and mentally as well as connect them more closely to world they leave outside. We propose creating a series of evidence-based virtual reality interventions to assist healthcare professionals and patients alike in avoiding unnecessary fragility, isolation and boredom and the consequences thereof.
Simon Bruntse Andersen
Founder - Executive Lead
Steen Vejen Petersen
Founder - Technical Lead

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